All about John Green’s Looking for Alaska Audio Book

A story of many firsts – first love, first loss, and first experiences – the Looking for Alaska audiobook free download brings young adult readers to the world of teenage reality. Author John Green’s first masterpiece perfectly captures yet reinvents the coming-of-age genre with a story that will leave readers haunted.

The 2005 comedy-drama tells the story of Miles “Pudge” Halter, whose life has been nothing but one big blah. Bored with his life at home and constantly obsessed with famous last words by famous people, Pudge is on the lookout for “the Great Perhaps.” In pursuit of adventure, he leaves his comfortable life and transfers to Culver Creek boarding school in Alabama, in hopes of finding anything but the ordinary.

Pudge soon finds himself surrounded with new exploits, new pranks, and newfound friends who open his life to a world of adventure. His life is turned even upside down when he meets the beautiful, witty yet self-destructive Alaska Young, who pulls Pudge into her messy life.

As Pudge gets to know Alaska more in-depth, he becomes fascinated with her reckless ways. In one of their drinking sessions, he realizes the reason for her impulsive ways: the death of her mother from an aneurysm, which she feels guilty about. Even with her screwed-up ways, Pudge falls in love with Alaska, without realizing that this love affair will just end with her death from a tragic accident.

Looking for Alaska has touched the hearts of readers worldwide with its profound narration of today’s teenage life. This initial outing from Green has won him the Michael L. Printz Award and has made him a finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize. The novel was also a New York Times bestseller. Since its debut, Looking for Alaska has become a favorite downloadable young adult fiction title on digital formats like Kindle.